A Message From the Owls

I was in Barnes and Nobles on State Street a few days ago drinking coffee and scrolling through the images in my camera when the guy sitting in the chair across from me asked if it was the new Olympus camera.

“I wish,” I said. “This baby’s a few years old now.” We chatted about cameras for a minute, then I noticed the sketch he was working on. I asked him, “is that a pen and ink drawing?”

“Yes,” he said, “It’s one of the owls on the roof of the Harold Washington Library.”

“An owl?”

He pointed to the statues on the roof of the library. “There’s an owl on every corner. Owls were the Greek gods of wisdom.”

I’ve walked by the Harold Washington Library many times and noticed the statues on the roof, but they’re too far away to make out exactly what they are. I figured they were eagles.

“Owls huh, didn’t know that.”

“He grinned, my eyes are my lens and my hand is the shutter.”

He told me his name was Rham and said the drawing was unfinished.

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