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Japanese Flute Player Enchants Passersby at Promontory Point

If you’re going to Promontory Point this weekend you might hear the elegant sounds of a Japanese flute reverberating inside the tunnel entrance that will remind you of something long forgotten. Jia Senghe, plays a Japanese flute called the shakuhachi … Continue reading

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A Jesus Freak

“People call me crazy, but in a good way,” said Dag Mook Kim. He is 74 years old, a taxi driver, a passionate ping-pong player, and a self-proclaimed Jesus freak. Kim immigrated in this country in 1969 from his native … Continue reading

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Forty – Three Degrees

They arrive at the lake around the time the sun’s rays first kiss the tree tops. Before most people hit the snooze button on their alarm clock in the morning, these adventurers are preparing to take on Lake Michigan. In … Continue reading

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