Dude, Where’s My Spider Sense?

Let’s see…super strength, blinding speed, crazy agility, a damn near indestructible body, and movie star good looks; all standard-issue superpowers for your everyday blue-collar superheroes.

These individuals are called to battle people who don’t have a life and are intent on destroying/ruling the world. It’s dangerous work with no health care benefits, so it helps if superheroes are stronger, quicker, tougher and better looking than the bad guys so they can beat the crap out of them.

Then there are superheroes with a more refined class of abilities, such as the power to turn invisible, read minds, or see like a radar. So, instead of just physically overpowering villains, these heroes use their heightened abilities to outwit the bad guys. Then they beat the crap out of them.

Out of all the heroes with the more subtle type of superpowers, I’d put Spider-man’s “Spider-sense” at the top of the list because it enables him to know what’s hidden and anticipate what’s about to happen.

Spider-man’s “Spider-sense” doesn’t get a lot of play in comics these days and just about zero in the movies. So, I thought I’d show it a little love here. It’s also worth looking into because I think it’s an ability that we all have to one degree or another.

Have you ever had a bad feeling about a person, place or event, and ignored it and lived to regret it? I have and I’ll bet you have too.

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