The Girl Who Loves Comics

“Some guys will come into the store and look at me,” says Ariel, “and say, ‘oh, she’s a girl, she doesn’t know anything about comics,’ but when they have a question, someone will say, ask Ariel.”

And just who is this Ariel who dares challenge the established order of the comic book universe?

Her name suggests a woman with imagination who can weave light into works of art that makes the Hulk laugh for joy and Galactus weep bitter tears and is the favorite consort of the Silver Surfer.

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2 Responses to The Girl Who Loves Comics

  1. Harry Osoff says:

    very nice –

  2. Rhonda says:

    I loved it.  I learned some things that were interesting.  It was engaging and the pictures were great.  Rhonda

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