The Mysterious American Southwest

When I visited the fantastic landscapes of the American Southwest the feature that caught my imagination the most was the Anasazi ruins, particularly the cliff dwellings. I wondered how the Anasazi built them. As far as I knew, Native Americans didn’t have technology that was sophisticated enough to carve villages into cliffs hundreds of feet above the canyon floor. When the dwellings were built, nearly a 1000 years ago, they didn’t have the horse or the wheel. So just who were the Anasazi? To me, their cliff dwellings held as many mysteries as the Pyramids in Egypt.
Archaeologists have come up with few answers. In the end, they shrug their shoulders and say ‘it’s a mystery.’ But I thought somebody had to know, some old tribal wisdom keeper somewhere knew, after all, these dwellings weren’t built into the cliffs of Mars. And sure enough, here’s a tale told by an Apache chief named Asa DiLugio.
“We came from the old, red land when the fire god crawled out of the caverns, and thrust his long tongue through the sea, for in this land the earth walked, and the sea came up in mountainous waves and covered the smoking, burning temples. We came in ships, sailing to the high mountains of the southern snows.”
The red land DiLugio refers to is Atlantis. Alternative archaeologist Frank Joseph says in his book, Advanced Civilizations of Prehistoric America: The Lost Kingdoms of the Adena, Hopewell, Mississippians, and Anasazi, that as the island nation began to crumble and sink into the sea, many Atlanteans migrated to other parts of the world such as Egypt. One group of colonists went north into the Americas. They eventually found their way into the Southwest where their descendants built a sprawling civilization in the Southwest and its magnificent capital at Chaco Canyon. People from all around the area came to live near the capital and the Anasazi were looked upon as gods.
But then the climate changed and brought a severe drought to the area and the people fell on hard times as the crops failed. When the Anasazi were unable to restore the land, the natives branded them as false gods as their glittering civilization collapsed. Then, among the ruins of the Anasazi’s grand palaces, the natives began to hunt them down and massacre them for their betrayal. In desperation, the Anasazi built the cliff dwellings in an effort to protect themselves from the marauding tribes. But it wasn’t enough to stop the hatred of fallen gods. The Anasazi who did not leave were wiped out.
According to the Ancient Origins website, The word Anasazi means ‘ancient ones’ or ‘ancient enemies.’
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