A Scene From Checkers Lounge

Little blue Christmas lights along the walls and mirrors cast a mood in the club. A silver party ball goes round and round overhead, sending little shafts of light through the darkness. A murmur of voices, a woman laughs, the orange glow from a cigarette brightens and then fades.

He’s stirring a fresh drink at the bar, he’s had…how many?  And yet the pain just, just won’t quit. He knows that this time it’s probably over. Maybe he should give it one more try. He shakes his glass and the ice rattles around inside of it. It sounds like a skeleton hanging from a tree, swinging in the wind. A laugh erupts from his throat, that’s funny, he thinks, dry bones.

The voice inside of his head seizes the opening, and it is merciless ‘You killed it,’ The voice whispers. ‘Her love was the best thing you had going for you and now…well, she got tired of soothing your tortured soul. When she realized that she couldn’t compete with your broken dreams. You lied to her didn’t you? Liar liar, pants on fire,’ the voice sings softly.

He sighs, downs his drink and calls out for another. Suddenly the jukebox comes alive. He pauses and listens, then slowly gets to his feet and offers her his hand. She smiles, gets up and slides her arms around his shoulders. He hugs her waist just so lightly, presses his cheek next to hers, closes his eyes and let the music guide him in the darkness with shafts of light spinning around and around.

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