The Jedi’s Consitor Sato

There is a branch of the Jedi Knights from Star Wars Lore called the Agricultural Corps. The Knights of the AgriCorps use the force to nurture and care for green and growing things.

According to the Jedi Path Handbook, the ability to control plant growth is known as Consitor Sato. ‘The most important quality for an AgriCorps member to possess is patience says the Jedi AgriCorp teachers.

Rhonda McRae certainly has Consitor Sato ability and would qualify for membership in the Jedi’s AgriCorps. Legend has it that a friend once gave McRae a plant leaf and three weeks later McRrae gave her back a healthy young plant.

McRae discovered her talent for communicating and growing plants soon after she moved into her first apartment and someone gave her a plant for a housewarming gift. She has a feel for them and they respond to her.


“Plants have consciousness,” says McRae, “they are aware of their surroundings. They like music, for instance, and are sensitive to the moods of their caretakers. When people talk to them they understand what’s being said on an emotional level. And they have different personalities just like people. Some need a lot of care, some like to be left alone. All plants thrive in peaceful harmonious environments.”

McRae says plants also communicate with each other. “Once, I decided to sell all of my plants because they were taking over my home. The plants were friends with each other and had formed a community. The last plant left became very sad and started to wither away. I managed to keep it alive, but it never was the same.”

Two of the most obvious benefits of owning plants are that they purify the air and add beauty to your home says McRae. But she says there are others benefits that are more subtle. “Sometimes when I’m feeling stressed, I’ll look at my plants and talk to them and they’ll tell me everything will be ok.”


McRae sells custom made plant hangers done in different themes such as sports colors and flags. She can be reached at

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